Who We Are

We are a church rooted in traditional Methodist practices while reflecting a modern worldview. We believe that God’s grace finds everyone.

Historical Photo of NSUMC

Our Story

The roots of NSUMC go back to 1736 when John Wesley founded the Methodist Church. This movement focused on personal holiness, social reform, and the power of small group fellowship. These are the same principles that define us today.

Our location began in 1977 when a group of believers gathered in a lunchroom at Chaparral High School.

Since then, we’ve continued to gather for weekly services while growing in the ministries we offer and the impact we make. While we hold to a progressive view of the world, we hold true to the practices and principles that began over 200 years ago.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that the church is community united by shared values and faith, rather than a strict set of identical viewpoints. We want to provide a place for people to connect and share in each other’s unique perspective, while growing in an understanding of who God is.

As a Methodist Church, we follow the principles set out by John Wesley in 1736. This provides us with a framework to make sense of the world and our place in it.

Our church and the roles within are available to everyone, regardless of gender or orientation. We believe that love is unconditional, and we strive to affirm the identity of anyone who joins our community.

Our Pastors

Rev. Christopher Wurpts

Lead Pastor

Rev. Leah Bergstrom

Pastor of Congregational Care