Family Ministries

At NSUMC, we’re dedicated to creating a space where people from all walks of life feel embraced. We believe in extending love and inclusivity to everyone, with a special focus on our youngest members, just as Jesus taught us.

Kids playing at NSUMC


Kids are a crucial part of our worship. They begin the service with us, and then partway through, we transition them to their own engaging and age-appropriate classrooms. For children aged three to second grade, and grades 3-6, we have specialized programs run by a devoted staff to ensure a valuable experience.

For our little ones between ages 1-3, we have a comfortable nursery ready from the start of service and open throughout the morning. This way, while your children are cared for, you can fully immerse yourself in the service.

At NSUMC, we view ourselves as more than just a congregation; we are a family committed to fostering faith and fellowship. We invite you to join us on this journey.

Checking In

We prioritize the safety of our little ones at NSUMC, which is why we utilize a Check-In system that guarantees only you can pick up your child. If it’s your first time with us, don’t worry – a friendly volunteer will help you register your children. If you’ve visited before, simply enter your phone number into one of our self check-in iPads to receive your child’s drop-off tag.

Planning to visit us? You can pre-register your child to streamline the check-in process upon arrival. Just click on the button below and we’ll have everything prepared for you.

Volunteering with Kids

Aiding in our children’s spiritual journey requires the dedication of numerous volunteers. These individuals generously invest their time, energy, and affection into our young ones, and we deeply appreciate their contribution. Safety is paramount, so all volunteers undergo thorough vetting and background checks. If you’re interested in volunteering, click the button below.


At NSUMC, our youth members, ranging from grades 7-12, play a vibrant role in our community. From participating in NSUMC Kids and serving on various volunteer teams, to being actively involved in worship through music and teachings, they truly are an integral part of our congregation.

Outside the regular services, our NSUMC Youth gather for various events all year round. Shared meals, service opportunities, and fun-filled activities provide ample chances for them to connect and form bonds with their peers.

Junior High students (grades 7-9) convene during our 10am service on Sundays, and are dismissed during our worship service.

Senior High students (grades 10-12) have their dedicated meeting time on Wednesday evenings!

Once a month, we hold an event that brings together both Junior and Senior High students. It’s a wonderful time to foster relationships and create lasting friendships.

If there are young people in your family eager to get involved, we’d love to hear from you! Let’s connect and help them find their place in our vibrant NSUMC Youth community.

Safe Sanctuaries

At NSUMC, our utmost commitment is to create safe, welcoming environments where the message of Jesus can be heard and experienced. This applies to everyone, with a special emphasis on ensuring the safety and well-being of our children, students, and vulnerable members. We acknowledge the trust placed in us and we take this role very seriously.

As a reflection of God’s love, we strive to be supportive partners to parents. We aim to provide excellent care and meaningful instruction, enhancing our ministry’s role in nurturing families. Compliance with the Safe Sanctuaries’ guidelines is a vital part of our mission, underlining our commitment to creating a secure and loving space for all. You can access and review our Safe Sanctuaries documents [here].