Our Story

We are North Scottsdale United Methodist Church – more than a building, our story is woven from the fabric of individual stories and united by a shared faith and a commitment to serve and grow together.

A Historical Foundation

Our story’s beginning stretches back to 1736, when an Oxford-educated theologian named John Wesley founded the Methodist Church. He created a movement of people committed to the principles of personal holiness, social reform, and the power of small group fellowship – igniting a spiritual revolution that would transcend time and borders.

Over two centuries later, in the autumn of 1977, a committed group of families in North Scottsdale felt a call to continue Wesley’s vision in their own neighborhood. Inspired by his teachings, they set out to establish a spiritual home that nurtured personal growth, fostered strong community bonds, and served those around them with compassion and generosity.

A New Beginning

United in faith and purpose, they gathered in the high school lunchroom at Chaparral High School, a testament to their commitment. Each Sunday service ended in unity – hands clasped tightly, voices echoing in song. From these humble beginnings, North Scottsdale United Methodist Church was born.

Beyond the Sunday service, we built a community that became a center of support, encouragement, and growth for families across the area. We came together for potluck dinners, family craft nights, and service projects — each moment a stitch in the fabric of our shared story.

In 1982, we established our current home at Scottsdale and Jenan Roads. As our family grew, so did our home, culminating in the construction of a new 17,000 square foot sanctuary in 2004.


Over the years, we have evolved with our ever-changing world, our path illuminated by the teachings of Methodism and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We’ve been blessed to reflect the vitality and evolution of North Scottsdale while never straying from our mission to embody the love and grace of God through our actions.

Today, we continue to offer weekly worship services, along with ongoing ministries, outreach programs, and more.

Our story continues to unfold. With each new chapter, we remain excited and hopeful about the path ahead. We invite you to join us, and contribute to our shared journey of faith and community.