Music at NSUMC

Elevate your spirit through song and melody. We welcome you to share your musical gifts and passion with our community.

Join Us in Worship

Immerse yourself in the sacred traditions of historic worship at NSUMC.  Here, your voice joins a chorus of faith – not only now, but stretching back through the history of the Church – where music has always been a profound way to connect with the Divine and community.  Our music programs are free to anyone that wishes to express their devotion through song, offering a special home for your musical talents to flourish in service and celebration.

Church Choir

There's a Place for You

Music is a powerful and spiritual experience. While many simply enjoy listening to it, others feel a calling to actively participate. Are you in search of a space where you can freely express your faith through music? We would love for you to share with us.

At NSUMC, we celebrate the expression of musical gifts and worship through song.

Our weekly services offer numerous opportunities for you to join in worship and share your talents. For those who want to participate in a group of fellow believers, we have both our Chancel Choir and Handbell Choir. We also have opportunities for solo performances, special musical numbers, and more.

If you would like to contribute your voice or instrumental skills, we would love to hear from you. When someone expresses their faith through music, it invites others to share in that experience, whether they are musically gifted or not. Together, we can experience the beauty of the Divine while growing as a community in faith.

Ready to take the first step? The process is simple:

1. Join Us for Worship

Listen to the spiritual and musical opportunities our choirs present.

2. Come to a Rehearsal

Experience the warmth of a community that loves God and music.

3. Share Your Gifts

Share your passion and talents with our entire congregation.